Meet our team

We are a dedicated team of people of various professions and backgrounds that care about delivering product for customer's satisfaction. We have an excellent team of web and mobile application developers who are capable of creating innovative and high-performance product.

Core team value


Our team is dedicated to deliver the best quality of work possible within due time to our customer. Our team is ingrained with the strong sense of responsibility and integrity.


Here at Cotafer, we encourage collaboration between staff across different department. We strongly believe in the power of team spirit, and we understand the benefit of experience sharing between colleagues.


We prioritize the willingness to learn and the receptiveness to new ideas and feedback as important qualities for our developers and staffs.

Management team & senior members

Chief Executive Officer

D. Chin

17+ years of business management experience

Chief Finance Officer

Y. Nay

17+ years of business management experience

Head of Administration & Human Resources

C. Nhil

5+ years of experience in HR & Administration


Cotafer will celebrate its 5th anniversary this year. Our team has created wonderful memories over the year.