Who we are

Cotafer Group is a multi-business company that ventures in the filed of technology aiming to improve the quality of life in a modern society. We understand that innovation and functionality goes hand in hand. Our goal is to develop solution in response to people's demand for practicality.


Based in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cotafer is dedicated to creating employment opportunities for Cambodian youths. We want to contribute to making Cambodia a tech hub in the region and promote a high level of education in Information Technology.


Cotafer is also a strong advocate for Humanitarianism. We believe in socially empowering people to help one another. We encourage people to donate to charity. We promote charity projects and organizations.


Are you looking for IT solutions? We might be able to help you. Here at Cotafer, we offer the following services and promise high-quality result.


  • Information storage
  • Information searching

We can help you establish standalone database, multidatabase and Master-Slave. We can also develop backup systems according to your preference and requirement based on the database architecture you selected.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Photo, audio, video, document and file storage
  • Load balance
  • System protection

Our services include setting up infrastructure and operations for data storage, file storage, cloud computing, standalone server, connection from one platform to another using the highest level of security available in engineering and architecture. The internet and server operation is 24/7 without interruption.

Web application development

  • Web design
  • API development

We offer development for customized management systems, ecommerce projects, personal websites and more using the latest web based technology. We also provide API development to various platforms: web api to mobile application; web api to web; and web api to desktop application.

Mobile application development

  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • App deployment

We develop mobile applications using native programming languages to the platform for a performance that is fast, smooth and flexible to the platform operation system (OS). We ensure that the codes are safe, easy to amend, and not depending on many third party services, per the advice of the specialist team. Deployment of the application to App Store and Play Store are also part of our services.

Site hosting

  • Web hosting
  • API hosting

We offer hosting services for your web projects onto the internet, in private or in public. We guarantee security for your hosted site, by implementing shield and other common attack prevention technologies.


We are dedicated to bring result to our customer's satisfaction. We offer a variety of projects based on customer's demands. Here are some of the projects that we have developed over the years.

Management System

CRM / Project Management / HRM

Web, PC or mobile application platform Cloud based management system

One-off Website

UX/UI design, consultation and development, or development based on your existing design. Responsive web development

Online Store

Customizable according to customer's business Manage products and information


Online transaction including payment integration Web portal system for vendor/merchant

Inventory Management

Web, PC or mobile application platform Cloud based management system

Job Website

Separated platforms for employer and job seeker Cloud based management system


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We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us directly.

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